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168 Manufacturing Shop Tour

This video of the 168 Manufacturing shop floor explores our FullShop™ Coolant Management system, Coolant Health App and machine software.

Coolant Concentration Control—Why Unique Ratios Matter

Manual coolant topping off is a headache for most CNC machine shops, but an automatic management system provides a cost-effective solution.

Unveiling Our Automated Coolant Delivery System at IMTS 2022

We're excited to announce we'll be debuting our FullShop™ Automated Coolant Management System at this year's International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

FullShop™ Coolant Health App Offers Convenience and Control

FullShop™ Automatic Coolant Management System is a proven way to address your coolant maintenance problems while running multiple CNC machines. Now, we've made using this game-changing system even simpler with our FullShop™ Coolant Health App. The app can be used either stand-alone or in concert with our FS120 and FS40 models and is accessible from any smartphone, tablet or desktop without loading any software.

Combination FullShop™ System and LNS Venturi Pump Reduce Coolant Costs

We recently worked with LNS, a global leader in machine tool peripheral systems, to combine the LNS Venturi Pump with our FullShop™ Automated Coolant Management System. We now have data that shows this combination significantly reduces overall coolant consumption and is an optimized approach when customers have wet chips in their hoppers.

Learn How to Achieve True ROI in Your Machine Shop

You might be tempted to arrive at your total cost of coolant (TCC) by multiplying coolant costs by usage — but that approach only tells a small part of the story. That’s why we’re exploring the hidden costs of CNC coolant in our latest white paper.

New FullShop™ Model is Optimized for the World’s Most Common Shop Sizes

We’re excited to announce we’re expanding our FullShop™ product line to accommodate the most common shop sizes. Our new model, the FS40, is optimized for the most common sizes and enables these CNC shops to unlock the same benefits at a lower price point.

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