Optimized Coolant Starts with Great Machine Software

Using state-of-the-art software, FullShop automatically delivers properly mixed top-off coolant to CNC machines. Designed to optimize the coolant monitoring and management processes, its software offers machine sump level control, coolant recipe management and real-time IIoT capabilities like email alarms and notifications. The software can also run system diagnostics, provide real-time status updates — and much more.

Machine Application

  • Level control
  • Recipe management
  • User management
  • Email alarms and notifications
  • Diagnostic capabilities
  • Usage and fill event data
  • Real-time status updates
  • Displays historical trends
  • Audit trail
  • Remote operation
FullShop Machine Software

Collect, View and Act on Critical Coolant Parameters - Anytime, Anywhere

Automated coolant management and sump trends go hand in hand. FS120 and FS40 models are compatible with the FullShop™ Coolant Health App, allowing users to collect, visualize and track coolant parameters from the palm of their hand. Accessible from a smartphone, tablet and your desktop without loading software, the app aggregates key coolant information for each machine, offers real-time visual notifications and displays trends over time, enhancing user management of FullShop™ equipment.

FullShop Coolant Health App

Coolant Health App Features

  • Simplified collection of key coolant parameters for trending
  • Trends for; Sump concentration, Top-off % and pH
  • Robust visual notifications and historical trends
  • Accountability for collection of key data
  • Enhances FullShop™ system operation and management
  • Group machines logically via tagging
  • Keep track of sump clean out events
  • Industry 4.0 – Linked to FullShop™ machine data

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