Learn How to Achieve True ROI in Your Machine Shop


You might be tempted to arrive at your total cost of coolant (TCC) by multiplying coolant costs by usage — but that approach only tells a small part of the story. That’s why we’re exploring the hidden costs of CNC coolant in our latest white paper.

Some of these hidden costs include:

  • Simple cost per fill. It costs you something each time someone has to monitor, mix, fill and report a CNC machine. This expense can quickly add up once you multiply this cost by the number of machines in your shop.
  • Opportunity costs. Taking workers away from more productive activities each time they need to dump coolant into the sump is a hidden opportunity cost. These interrupted minutes per sump per shift quickly add up.
  • Productivity gains. Machines that have the correct concentrations of coolant are more likely to run more at their maximum rate for more hours of the day — keeping the spindles spinning and putting money back in your pocket.
  • Machine stoppages. Automating the coolant delivery process reduces the number of machine stoppages, minimizing a costly source of downtime.
  • Tooling wear. Automatic, consistent coolant delivery with the right concentration means your tools won't wear as quickly, cutting down on the cost to buy new tools.
  • Coolant concentration. Using an automated system means your machinists won’t err on the side of using higher-than-necessary coolant concentrations, saving you money.

The good news is, automatic coolant management systems like our FullShop™ System enable you to address these various hidden coolant costs. In our new white paper, we take a look at how this game-changing system can help you achieve true ROI and keep you producing year after year.

To learn more, download our white paper.

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