Simply More CNC Production With Automated Coolant Management

FullShop™ systems deliver properly mixed coolant concentrations on a per-machine basis thanks to their advanced controls and modular distribution system.

Our flagship FS120 system handles 15 to 120 CNC machines with the addition of extra distribution manifolds, while our FS40 system enables the most commonly sized CNC shops to unlock the same productivity and cost benefits at a lower price point.


Coolant Management Solution

Scalable mixing and control for up to 120 CNC

168 Manufacturing system
Coolant Health App. User submitted data
and trends for refractometer, pH and more.
State of the art machine control software
and fluid control system with IoT built in.
Modular and scalable with remote fluid
control manifolds. Simplifies install.
Recipe controlled top off % and level control
for each CNC for individual control.
Simple and flexible connections to main unit.
Controlled by Ethernet cable and fluid
distributed in series or parallel to manifolds.
Remote Operation of Machine Control
and OEM Support.
Unit works with DI, RO, municipal and ground water.
Quality continuously monitored and trended.

Remote Fluid Control Manifolds

Optimize each sump with user defined top-off ratios

Simple installation with reduced plumbing and cabling