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Prolonging Tool Life and Reducing Maintenance With FullShop™

Prolonging Tool Life and Reducing Maintenance With FullShop™

Prolonging the life of the consumable tools used in CNC machine tools can help you maximize productivity and reduce maintenance in your shop. Automated coolant refill systems like our FullShop™ Automated Coolant Delivery System can help. By delivering predictable in-sump coolant concentrations on a per-machine basis, FullShop™ ensures your preferred brand of coolant is always running optimally. This precision in coolant delivery is crucial for the longevity of your cutting tools.

Optimized Coolant Delivery and Consistent Quality

FullShop™ makes sure each CNC machine receives an optimized mixture of coolant at the correct concentration and volume — tailored to the specific needs of each operation. Such precise management plays a role in maintaining the cutting tools’ temperature and lubrication, significantly reducing wear and tear and extending the tools’ operational life.

In addition, poor coolant conditions can lead to tool corrosion and degradation. The FullShop™ system monitors and manages the coolant’s concentration levels, ensuring the coolant remains within its operating parameters. This capability not only protects the tools, but also ensures consistent machining quality.

Minimizing Maintenance Hassles

Longer tool life unlocks many benefits, including lowering your costs and maintenance needs. But FullShop™ reduces maintenance in other ways too. For example, the system continuously monitors coolant levels and automatically initiates replenishment when necessary. As a result, your machines operate without interruption and maintenance staff can focus on other more important tasks. Controlled coolant management and delivery also reduce coolant waste and spillage, not only saving on coolant costs but also reducing the need for cleanup.

Data-Driven Insights With the App

Integrating the FullShop™ system with our FullShop™ Coolant Health App can take the coolant delivery and management process to the next level. The app tracks key coolant parameters in your machine tool sumps, providing actionable insights into coolant trends and empowering you to optimize machine health even further. Collecting and analyzing coolant usage data also unlocks predictive maintenance, empowering you to identify and address potential issues before they lead to machine downtime.

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