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FullShop™ Coolant Health App Offers Convenience and Control

FullShop™ Coolant Health App Offers Convenience and Control

Our FullShop™ Automated Coolant Management System. is a proven way to address your coolant maintenance problems while running multiple CNC machines. Now, we've made using this game-changing system even simpler with our FullShop™ Coolant Health App. The app can be used either stand-alone or in concert with our FS120 and FS40 models and is accessible from any smartphone, tablet or desktop without loading any software.

Actionable Information at Your Fingertips

The app allows you to collect, visualize and track coolant parameters, such as sump concentration, top-off ratio, pH balance and cleaning events — no matter where you are. It also helps you organize your CNC machines, allowing you to group machines via tagging and filter by key parameters.

By aggregating key information for each machine and displaying trends, the app provides you with actionable insights for your shop floor. Its visual notifications let you quickly see when a sump needs attention.

Built With Coolant Vendors in Mind

This app is ideal for coolant vendors. If you sell coolant then you are familiar with the challenges of good record-keeping. The app will simplify your life and give visibility to sumps and shops that need attention. The FullShop™ app allows you to collaborate with your customers without the hassle of costly on-site visits. We built the app with a focus on simplicity and accountability. Your hard-earned coolant business will continue to grow with better coolant management tools.

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