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Cut Costs By Keeping Coolant Concentrations Within the Correct Range

Cut Costs By Keeping Coolant Concentrations Within the Correct Range

In the majority of machine shops, coolant delivery to CNC machines is still a manual operation. Machinists, however, tend to err on the side of using higher-than-necessary coolant concentrations, driving up what you spend on coolant each year.

Automatic coolant refill machines like our FullShop™ Automated Coolant Delivery System. overcome this challenge by keeping coolant concentrations within the correct range, meaning you spend less on coolant — and save money.

How Automated Coolant Delivery Improves ROI

To understand these savings better, let’s crunch some numbers. In the following scenario, the cost per tote of coolant is $9,500 for one machine shop. Multiply this cost by the number of totes used per year — in this case, 13 — and coolant alone is costing the shop roughly $123,500 annually. Keep in mind, the machinists are also using a richer-than-necessary coolant concentration, which is a common trend among machine shops.

Thanks to FullShop’s systematized approach, each machine’s top-off ratio is optimized. In this example case, FullShop reduces the coolant concentration from 3 to 1.5%, all while keeping these values within the correct range over the course of each machine’s operation. The result: the machine shop saves over $49,000 annually compared to its ad-hoc manual tending. Based on these coolant savings alone, the machine shop will also make back its money on FullShop in short order.

Optimizing coolant concentrations is just one of the many ways FullShop can help you run a more profitable CNC shop. Our flagship system can automate shops with 15 to 120 CNC machines, delivering up to 5,760 gallons of coolant a day. It also handles coolant concentrations from 0.5 to 20%, all while taking human error out of the equation.

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