Helping Your Cutting-edge Machine Shop Realize Productivity and Efficiency

If you strive for greater efficiency, unattended production and streamlined coolant management in your CNC machine shop — we want to help. That's why we designed our FullShop coolant automation system, which delivers properly mixed top-off coolant to CNC machines.

We believe FullShop™ can be especially helpful if your machine shop has certain characteristics and operating criteria. If you meet any of the following, we believe we can maximize your productivity to the best of our abilities and help you achieve your forward-thinking goals:

  • You're committed to long-term growth and efficiency. We understand the importance of ROI. FullShop™ delivers tangible results, enabling you to maximize the potential of your shop's automation investments.
  • You have executive-level support. If executives or other key stakeholders in your shop are looking to address labor shortages, capacity constraints or the pursuit of unattended production, we're a great fit.
  • You're investing in other automation technologies. FullShop™ complements other machine shop automation technologies like pallet systems, robots, bar feeders and more. By eliminating the ad-hoc nature of coolant management, it streamlines production and can help you unleash the full potential of your automation investments.
  • You belong to certain key industries. Our system is especially useful for shops in the medical, semiconductor, oil and gas, defense and aerospace industries. However, we eagerly embrace opportunities to serve other industries.
  • You run a medium or large shop. FullShop™ is ideal for medium- to large-scale CNC shops — particularly if unattended production is the goal.
  • You specialize in milling or turning. Our system seamlessly integrates with CNC milling and turning machines. However, please note it isn't optimized for Swiss machining, which predominantly relies on straight oils.
  • You're located in North America. While our services do extend globally, we have the capacity to best serve CNC shops in North America. Rest assured, however, we make our expertise and dedicated support readily available no matter your location.
  • Other criteria. Our typical partners have annual revenues over $5 million, ensuring FullShop™ aligns with their scale and investment capacity. They also often have ISO9001, ISO13485 or AS9000 accreditations and belong to local affiliations like PMPA or NTMA.

Join the Coolant Automation Revolution and Unleash Your Shop's Potential

If you resonate with any of these characteristics, it's time to take action. Here's how you can get started working with us:

  • Schedule a consultation. Let's chat about your shop's unique needs and goals. Our team of coolant automation experts will provide personalized guidance and insights, tailored specifically to your operations.
  • Review ROI. Experience the tangible ROI that comes from automated coolant delivery and management, less waste and greater unattended production capabilities.
  • Experience a demo. Through a simple online demonstration, you'll witness firsthand the simplicity and capabilities of our coolant automation system, including how it optimizes coolant efficiency, eliminates waste and frees up valuable resources.
  • Benefit from local support. We work through local distributors and provide exceptional local support, ensuring you have access to assistance, troubleshooting and guidance — whenever you need it.