The FullShop™ App For CNC Machine Shops

Gain Actionable Visibility Into Your Coolant Usage

In a typical CNC shop, some systems and processes are still left out of the digital transformation revolution. One example is coolant data collection and management. These processes often lack accountability, and there are no controls in place. As a result, most shops have dubious results using ad-hoc systems like spreadsheets.

Now, with the FullShop™ app, you can finally gain actionable visibility into your CNC machine sump, revolutionizing not just the way you use and monitor coolant, but the way your entire machining operation runs.

Your Benefits

  • Keep your coolant program from going off the rails — no spreadsheets required.
  • Easily collaborate with your in-house team plus coolant distributors and vendors. Keep them all in the loop with the app’s automatic reporting capabilities.
  • Free up your skilled CNC machinists to focus on their craft — no more bucket brigade.
  • Optimize the way your machine shop uses coolant, reducing tooling wear, avoiding machine stoppages due to low or flooded coolant, and saving time and costs.
  • Stay on top of your shop’s coolant trends with weekly summary emails.
  • Resonate with environmentally conscious customers, thanks to the app’s ability to improve coolant efficiency and reduce waste.
  • Enable true lights-out operation with real-time alarms and notifications.


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